As a person who does not spend much time out of my busy day watching network tv, I happened to find out about the A&E show through patients that would come in my office talking about A&E’s Toe Bro. After that I watched a few of the episode via Youtube. For those that don’t know “The Toe Bro” is a show which chronicles the daily care and interesting foot cases that come into the office of Chiropodist Johnathan Tomines.

Johnathan Tomines, a Chiropodist and podiatrist of today like myself differ and are the same in a few ways. Chiropodist mostly work from their office and handle pathology of nails, soft tissue and foot biomechanics (natural foot function). Podiatrist of “today” undergo a 4 year medical school training, train in a hospital setting for 3-4 years for surgical training/general medical care, some even get advanced skills training in a 1-2 year fellowship program. At the end of all that school and training todays podiatrist is able to treat conditions and injuries of all aspects of the foot and ankle in a hospital or office setting via general medical care or by surgical means.

After watching a few episodes of this show I am in total support of anything that will help get awareness out about foot problems and will help direct people in need to get care from a trained professional. Knowledge about foot issue and the importance of proper foot care is very important as the US population suffers from new cases of diabetes at an alarming rate. Diabetics are at the greatest risk of limb loss and death from preventable foot issues than any other demographic of people. Often times people neglect to get care they need until it’s too late.