Sherlock Homes was one of the world’s most famous detectives.  He was known for his observational ability, logical reasoning, and extremely high index of suspicion.  In the 1800s, investigations required a nose for the unusual and a foothold in the case.  This made Holmes the most sought after investigators of his time.

Today, physicians are world renowned medical detectives.  We must attempt to capture some of Sherlock’s natural abilities in observation and reasoning.  Everyday a new case presents itself for investigation and some of these cases have lifelong or deadly consequences.  Fortunately, we are not limited by the natural abilities of physicians. We have advance technology that can assist us during our investigation.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) and Computed Topography(CT) are two of those advance imaging devices that will assist the physician in diagnosing and treating many medical conditions including foot and ankle ailments.  These two devices are very unique in that MRI is best for soft tissue concerns and CT is best for bony concerns, simply.  Often times they can be used in combination, in order to facilitate a more specific or accurate treatment plan.

Picture this, Dr. Achilles is evaluating Mrs. Foot for pain and swelling in her ankle.  Pain and swelling has been present for several months.  Mrs. Foot reports that she fell off of her step some time ago but did not seek medical care.  She applied ice and wrapped it up; though pain and swell is better it’s still present.  Dr. Achilles suspects that Mrs. Foot has broken her ankle or has a tendon or ligament rupture.  He sends Mrs. Foot for a CT and MRI to evaluate her bones and soft tissues.  With the utilizations of these advance images, Dr. Achilles concludes that Mrs.  Foot has fractured her ankle, torn several ankle ligaments and has devised a treatment plan that will get Mrs. Foot back to activity quicker.

The use of advance imaging has several practical benefits to today’s foot and ankle patient.  These benefits include better diagnosis, safe and effective, and decreased healthcare cost.  The devices aid the physician in making better decisions and understanding the complexity of the human foot and ankle.   The National Institute of Health reports that radiation has great benefit to humanity and carries a lower risk than driving to work.  Advance imaging makes healthcare more affordable because it reduces the need for invasive or exploratory procedures allowing physicians to drastically reduce your treatment cost.

Physicians Footcare, South Carolina’s largest provider of foot and ankle care, employs each of these advance imaging devices in order to provide our patients with high level, affordable foot and ankle care.  We are extremely proud to be the first in the United States to offer mobile CT imaging allowing us to improve care in rural communities.  As your leading foot and ankle detective, Physicians Footcare believes in the importance of advance imaging aiding in the evaluation, management, and treatment of your medical concerns. “Elementary, my dear Watson.”