Do You Have Nail Fungus? That’s A Shame! | Renee Hutto-Altman, DPM


If you have nail fungus, you are ready to hide your toes!  Physicians Footcare wants you to show them to the world after we have helped to treat this problem.

What are some signs of nail fungus?  Lifting of the nail from the nail bed, changes in color, brittle nails, extra skin under the nails.

Can it become serious?  Fungus can spread from nail to nail and is contagious to others in yourhousehold.  Other complications include loss of the nail, bacterial infection, and recurrence after treatment.

Is it preventable?  YES!  Make sure you don’t go barefoot in public places (gyms, hotels, pools).  Don’t share shoes or purchase used shoes.  Be very cautious of nail salons and look at the feet of your family members to make sure they don’t have a problem.

Is it treatable?  Yes, it is!  At Physicians Footcare, we will confirm the diagnosis, and recommend treatment based on your medical history.  Treatments include creams, nail lacquers, laser, and oral treatment.  Your physician will also instruct you regarding the best shoe and sock hygiene.

Don’t delay.  Get ready for summer and call a Physicians Footcare office near you to schedule your consultation.  We are ready to help!





Renee Hutto-Altman, DPM
Physicians Footcare, LLC